«МКОУ Островская средняя общеобразовательная школа Островского района Костромской области Козлова Валентина Анатольевна Тематический кейс ...»

МКОУ Островская средняя общеобразовательная школа Островского района Костромской области

Козлова Валентина Анатольевна

Тематический кейс

“The role of learning English in my life”

п. Островское 2014

Тематический кейс разработан к УМК “Enjoy English” М.З. Биболетовой, Е.Е.

Бабушис, 11 класс, Unit1 “What do young people face in society today?"

Цель: вовлечение учащихся в анализ, обсуждение и решение проблем по теме кейса.

Задачи: развитие умений участвовать в дискуссии; развитие умений читать с пониманием основного содержания; развитие умений делать презентации, осуществляя их в сотрудничестве; критически оценивать информацию; развитие умений использовать языковую и контекстуальную догадку; формирование мотивации изучения иностранных языков и стремление к самосовершенствованию, осознание возможностей самореализации средствами иностранного языка; стремление к совершенствованию собственной речевой культуры в целом; формирование коммуникативной компетенции


1. Кластер

2. Задание Warm-ups

3. A 1-minute talk

4. A 2-3 minute talk

5. Ролевая игра по теме “Learning English”

6. Моделированная ситуация "To learn or not to learn English

7. Письменное речевое произведение "Learning English«

8. Дополнительные интернет-ресурсы.

Learning English

businessSchool subject travelling

future job skills countries


compulsory an accountant communication skills English-speaking countries museum

optional a doctor basic IT skills the USA art gallery

interesting a dentist team-working skillsCanada theatre

to pass the exam a lawyer skills in problem solvingGermany square

an entrance exam a manager skills in planningNew Zealand park

learn a teacher an ability to learnAustralia

by heart an engineerFrance

study a worker

the second language meeting with foreign partners

different methods of learning

have good opportunities

feel respect

work in friendly atmosphere

get experience


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. Nelson MandelaTo have another language is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne.

You live a new life for every new language you speak.

If you know only one language, you live only once.


Agree or disagree with the statements. If the statement is false, correct it, please. If it is true, repeat it.

1. English has taken the position of the world language.

2. Some words came to Russian from English.

3. People who speak English have worse job opportunities.

4. English is one of the most popular foreign languages in Russia.

A 1-minute talk

Why is learning English important to you?

Useful phrases

In my view...

But I can't agree...

6993890289560 I know for sure...

First of all...

After all...

I think...

I doubt that...

A 2-3 minute talk

Think and present your way to make learning English easier.

Useful phrases:

I don't see much difference between...

But I can't agree with..

That's why...

I think I need some time for...

I' m more interested in...

7317740309245 I'd like to...

I have to say...

Do you agree?

Let's start with.. What about...? That's what I think.

Ролевая игра по теме “Learning English”

Student A is a journalist, student B is Alex. Discuss the question why it is important to learn


Why do you learn English?

Nowadays English has become the world's most important language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations. Half of the world's scientific literature is in English. It is the language of computer technology. To know English today is absolutely necessary for every educated man, for every good specialist.

Do you like English?

I’m interested in reading. English is the language of the great literature. It’s the language of Shakespeare, Byron, Mark Twain and Jack London. To enjoy wonderful books people should read them in the original.

And what about other students? What do they think?

As for my friends, they think that English helps to communicate with other people. People can travel abroad without any problems, people can have friends everywhere and send them letters, make phone calls and make people closer to each other in the world. It’s the main reason why English is very popular.

I quite agree with you.

Moreover, young people like English because it’s the language of rock, jazz and pop music. For example: Elton John, Madonna, Britney Spears and Paul McCartney. A good knowledge of English let us understand the words of all our favourite English songs. And, of course, we will be able to watch British and American films in the original. It’s cool.

Good for you, Alex. Thank you very much. You have given me a lot of useful and important information. Good bye.

Good bye.

На доске выражения:

«Language is the dress of thought » Johnson Samuel

« The more languages you speak, the more times you are a human being»

«English is the Latin of the 21st century»

«Of course, you may learn German, Spanish, French, Chinese, but you must know English!»Учащиеся выбирают один из предложенных учителем билетов на телевизионную встречу и разбиваются по группам.


В роли корреспондента выступает один из учеников класса.

Teacher: “Good morning, Mr. White, nice to meet you. Mr. White is an English journalist. He is going to write an article about learning the English language and he wants to know what students think about learning English.

Mr. White: “Good morning, nice to meet you too. Dear friends, I would like to know your opinion about the necessity of learning English. Nowadays English is heard everywhere. Why is English so popular? Is it necessary to learn English?”

Каждая группа приводит свои аргументы в защиту той или иной точки зрения.


Learning English may be the best thing you can do to improve your life and open new doors. First of all, you get access to knowledge.

Nobody needs so much knowledge. We live in the age of information, and we already get more information than we need.

But you can do wonderful things, such as watch films, read great books. Believe us, music is much better if you can understand the words.

Mr. White - : “I think that’s true. Moreover, knowing English will help you to get well-paid job.

English is also the international language of business people, pilots and sportsmen, scientists, secretaries of big companies and many other professions. If a person knows English, he will get a good job and earn a lot of money. That’s why English is very popular now. We learn English and we are sure it will help us in our future life.”

But we think that in future, most people will speak more than one language. And English is difficult to learn.

Maybe the best thing would be to try to study regularly. It’s more effective to study 30 minutes every day than 3 hours once a week.

Mr. White - Do you think that the fastest way to learn English is to practice it?

Certainly. A good way to have more practice and improve English is to make a pen-friend, exchange letters or e-mail letters regularly. This will help you to speak English more fluently.

Mr. White - Well, thank you for discussion. I was really glad to listen to you. Your opinions are different, but there is something common in what you say. English is really the most popular language in the world.

Письменное речевое произведение.

It’s not surprising, that English is one of the most important languages nowadays. English is spoken practically all around the world. Learning English is beneficial to all. First of all, you get access to knowledge. It is necessary in different spheres. Today’s media, such as the internet, television, the press, give us almost unlimited information about our favourite subjects. Most of this information is in English. Knowing English will let us get our dream job, earn more money and create our future. To my way of thinking, learning foreign languages is very useful because it helps us to communicate with people from other countries, to understand another culture, to make a person educated and well rounded. I learn English because it expands my horizons and prepare me for my successful career. Besides, English attracts me because it’s the language of business and computers. Moreover, English is very useful when you travel abroad. When you speak English to people, they are more friendly and helpful. There are a lot of ways of teaching: listening to the cassettes, reading and translating texts and making dialogues, doing many exercisings, using the Internet. Besides, a marvellous opportunity to communicate with native speakers through the Internet is very important. What is more, I would like to take part in different exams and in some exchange programmes. It is very useful for me! Learning English at school helps me to choose the future profession. I want to be an interpreter, because I know that it’s a very interesting and well-paid job. But learning English makes me more intelligent and understanding the English speech.

To sum up, I’m aware that learning English is always necessary, no matter what your future profession will be.

Дополнительные Интернет-ресурсы

Ресурсы для создания заданий по говорению.

Learn Useful Expressions in English - http://www.ihbristol.com/useful-english-expressionsUseful English expressions – Agreeing and Disagreeing - http://languagelearningbase.com/63255/useful-english-expressions-agreeing-and-disagreeing Ресурсы для создания коммуникативных заданий по письму.

Academic Writing: Useful Expressions - http://www.myenglishpages.com/site_php_files/writing-useful-espressions-essay.php#.VFJkOvl_vxV


The process and types of writing - http://www.studygs.net/writing

Дополнительный материал по чтению.

Why learn English - http://www.antimoon.com/other/whylearn.htm

How to learn English with songs - http://www.bloomsbury-international.com/blog/2013/11/29/how-to-learn-english-with-songs

How to learn English - http://www.antimoon.com/how/howtolearn.htm

Дополнительный наглядный материал.

Why is English Important to Me & YOU - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abc72pgfL7Q

Why is learning English important? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeahvBKzMLw

Why is it important to learn English? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-0g0JG8NaUWhy Do We Need To Learn English? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6STZuWQwQc


Дополнительный материал (высказывания, пословицы, поговорки).


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