«Обобщающий урок по теме «Молодежные субкультуры» Objectives: be able to reflect and express the attitude to different subcultures; evelop ...»

Обобщающий урок по теме «Молодежные субкультуры»


be able to reflect and express the attitude to different subcultures;

evelop attitude to belonging to a group and expressing individualism.

Skills development:

practise expressing and exchanging opinions;

practise exchanging information;

practise listening for gist.


the host of the showthe group representatives of subcultures (a hippie, a punk; a goth; a biker);

the group of people who don’t know what subculture to join;

a psychologist;

a journalist.

Lesson planTeacher: During this month we’ve been working on the topic ”Youth subcultures”.

1) We’ve spoken about young generation, their problems, leisure time activities and desires.

2) We’ve considered different subcultures especially punks, goths, bikers and hippies, their appearance, values, beliefs and attitude to the society.

During the lesson we’ll try to point out the advantages and disadvantages of subcultures and define what is better: to belong to a cultural grouping or not.

Then we’ll also think about features and peculiarities of the subculture which can suit wide audience.

As this topic is very interesting we’ve decided to present the results of our work not in the form of a typical lesson but in the form of an interactive talk-show.

Host: We’re glad to meet you on our inter-active show which concerns the problems of the youth subcultures. Let me introduce our guests, they are representatives of different subcultures and those who doesn’t belong to any subculture. We’ll discuss what is better to belong to any subculture or not. I’ll be a provocateur and ask you different questions.

Well, let’s start.

But first look at the chart, Valera has made the questionary among teens about their leisure activities. What is surprising to you?

Выступление представителей субкультур.

Bikers (д/з)

T: You sound nice and pleasant like a father to his children but objectively speaking your appearance is rather threatening and seems to proclaim aggressiveness.

Biker: Well, some people consider bikers aggressive but devil is not as black as its painted. I think you should know more than a leather jacket about us not to treat us as monsters.

Feeling of flight and wind for these people is the main thing in their life. The movement of bikers arose in America in 1945. Characteristic features of bikers are leather jackets, tattoos and black clothes.

Nowadays there are more than 1000 motoclubs in the USA and more than 300000 motorcycles in Canada. The most widespread make of motorcycle is Harley Davidson. In modern Russia the most famous motorclub is Night Wolves. And now some words about riding. Professional sports training plays a big role in its life. The most important thing for the beginners is to learn to sit in the saddle.

The festivals of bikers are called Bike Shows.They are very bright and gather big audience. Professional bikers like loneliness and freedom. To some it up I’d say that we are not opposed to the society, its norms and standards. The founder of our subculture together with his friends kept order at the concert of underground musicians “Hell’s Angels” and other punks groups which are distinguished with their violent social behavior

T: Do you know that our governor O.Kozhemyako was admitted to the bike club?


T: Don’t you think that nowadays the hippie community is becoming a place for really hopeless characters and those without any ideas and principles?

Hippie: Certainly not. Moreover today hippies are socially active, they set up environmental groups and charity projects. Besides the subculture where love is the most powerful thing that brings people together can’t turn into a hopeless place.

T: Let’s give a word to a punk.


T: your subculture was designed to shock and you are still shocking the society and can’t help showing the rebellion against the existing regime.

Punk: Punks are against rules and norms of the society. They are nihilists and non-conformists.

T:Let me introduce the person who certainly stands out of the crowd with startling white make up, black hair, lipstick and finger nails. Is everything around you so black as you are?


T:My question is addressed to the Goth representative because he looks extremely thin and too pale. Are there many drug sellers and drug takers among your group?

Goth: Our appearance isn’t the result of drug taking. It’s because of the wish to look like a vampire and that’s all. But I know that there are a lot of drug addicts among the hippies.

Hippie: Our ideals include love, peace, freedom of self expression and non-conformity to social rules. In this world of corruption and moral crisis hippies show to young people an alternative to all that. In the 60-70th hippies used to take drugs as something new and distinct. But lately the hippie community has stopped proclaiming the drug taking. Of course there are some drug addicts among us but there are a lot of them among other subcultures, too.

Why do teens choose subcultures? One of the reasons is generation gap. What’s this? And how to solve this problem?T: Generation gap is an eternal problem and most parents have to deal with it when their children become teenagers. Is it really so? Let’s see the problem from the parents’ and teenagers’ point of view.

-- We have two speakers. From the 1st group – P. She’ll express the parents’ point of view.

P : As for parents, many of them are sure that there is a period when their children do not pay attention to what adults say. Children want to do only what they like. They often do not obey their parents, begin to study worse, spend more time out-of-doors, and make friends with boys and girls who influence them badly. They are fond of awful music and wear terrible clothes they consider fashionable. They don’t follow their parents’ advice.

--Thank you, P. And now listen to the 2nd speaker – P. He’ll express the teenagers’ point of view.

P : As far as teenagers say, their parents do not want to understand them. They don’t approve of youth’s clothes and dislike their tastes in music. Parents want their children to follow their model of life and forget that every generation is different from another and has its own values. They do not notice that a teenager is not a child and has his own ideas of future life.

-- Thank you. So is it possible to cope with the problem of generation gap? It was your home task. Who is ready to speak on this problem?

P : I think it is possible to solve the problem of generation gap. Of course, parents have better life experience and do not want their children to repeat their own mistakes, but both parents and their children should understand and respect each other. Parents should have confidence in their children and a lot of patience. Children should not forget that parents are the people who will always support them.

To sum up, in families where there is comprehension and love between their members there is no generation gap.

So Kristina, have you decided for yourself what is better to join the subculture or not? And what about our guests?T: You see there are some advantages and disadvantages of being a part of a group.

Look and decide what are positive and negative features of subculturesAdvantages of belonging to a group

You find a lot of like-minded friends.

You share the experience, the interests and the ideas.

You know how to spend your leisure time.

You don’t have the problem of generation gap inside your group. You are treated like an adult.

You have your own style.

You feel comfortable and protected.

Disadvantages of belonging to a group

You can be intolerant to other subcultures and individuals.

Not all your interests can coincide with the group ones.

It is easy to join the group but is it easy to leave it?

No annoying parents you may dispute with but there is a strong leader you must obey.

No individual style. You differ from the society but look like everybody in your group.

You spend too much time in your subculture and don’t notice the world culture.

Сегодня на уроке мы на двух языках говорили о молодежных субкультурах, о причинах их появления. Хочу напомнить, что субкультуры-это неформальные (неофициальные) молодежные организации.

Все эти молодежные объединения имеют право на существование.

В Конвенции ООН о правах ребенка есть статья 15, где Государства – участники признают право ребенка на свободу ассоциации и свободу мирных собраний.; в статье 12 говорится о том, что Государства- участники обеспечивают ребенку, способному сформулировать свои собственные взгляды, право свободно выражать эти взгляды по всем вопросам.; статья 31 гласит - Государства- участники признают право ребенка на отдых и досуг, право участвовать в играх и развлекательных мероприятиях, соответствующих его возрасту.

На правах психолога хочу дать вам несколько советов:

Выражать свою индивидуальность можно хорошими делами и отличной учебой;

Выделиться из толпы можно хорошим чувством юмора, а не шокирующей внешностью;

Чтобы стать независимыми, старайтесь убедить родителей позволить вам выбрать свой собственный жизненный путь;

Изменить мир к лучшему можно только в том случае, если не совершать жестокости и насилия.

Недаром гласит народная мудрость – «Береги честь с молоду»

10. Выставление оценок. Окончание урока.

--I’ll give you only excellent and good marks. Thank you. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

Host: Look what we have. Each pro easily finds its con. No matter how many pluses we have we’ll easily find the minus.

And now all think a bit and make a project. Create the subculture which would suit many people.

At the end of the lesson I’d like to read the poem “Wisdom”. Translate please.

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